Stem Cells: Your Body's Miracle Healer
Oct 02, 2019
Andrew Shepherd
Stem Cells: Your Body's Miracle Healer

It took a serious injury during a ski race for would-be lawyer Andrew Shepherd to take his career in an entirely different direction. After being confined to a wheelchair for six months, Andrew was able to walk again thanks to the help of a chiropractor and once he completed law school, he began to pursue a career in wellness and functional medicine.


Originally from New Zealand, Andrew evaluated 23 different chiropractic colleges in seven countries and moved to Dallas in 1998 to attend Parker College of Chiropractic.


After graduation, Dr. Shepherd opened Mountain Health in Plano, a full-service functional medicine chiropractic clinic in 2004. He renamed it Parker Wellness Centers in 2018 when he expanded his services to include physical rehabilitation, therapeutic massage, clinical nutrition, vibration plate therapy and physical therapy and bioidentical hormone therapies.


Since chiropractic removes structural and postural imbalances to allow the body to heal itself, using regenerative medicine to augment the healing of specific areas of the body was a natural next step.


As a result, Dr. Shepherd incorporated stem cell therapy into his practice and renamed that part of it Genesis Regeneration Centers, which is on the forefront of using stem cell therapy in Collin County.


The author of three books on health, nutrition and anti-aging, Dr. Shepherd is an in-demand speaker on digestive issues and dysfunction, pain management, living pain free with fibromyalgia, headache resolution naturally, weight loss and holistic healthcare.


He holds a diploma in Clinical Nutrition from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy and has extensive training in electro-diagnostics, pediatrics and manipulation under anesthesia.