Rotary Club of Allen Sunrise Makes Special Flag Deployment

Allen, TX, USA, April 11, 2020 —Over 600 customers of the Rotary Club of Allen Sunrise’s flag lease program were beneficiaries of a special non-flag holiday deployment this past Tuesday and Wednesday.
The club’s immediate past president and current flag program coordinator, Bruce Heller, notified customers on Monday about the deployment; that volunteer-teams would exercise appropriate social distancing while placing flags in their front yards; and that flags will be left out through the month of April without financial impact to their current paid annual dues. “Together, we’ll face down this pandemic as a community, as a state, and as a nation, and WE will make it through this challenge, coming out stronger and better than we were before. Throughout history, when our country faced challenges, there was nothing more reassuring than seeing Old Glory wave in the wind.” said Bruce.
Customers immediately replied with overwhelming positive expressions of joy, gratitude, patriotic pride, of being moved to tears & being uplifted. Some offered up donations:
What a beautiful reminder that we are Americans, and the spirit of perseverance and determination that Americans have always possessed will carry us through this time.  Thank you so much for your teams’ work through this! Many blessings to you guys!Angi Wedemeyer
We love seeing Old Glory flying out front and all the other flags in the neighborhood. –Kathy Pruss
Thank you so much for putting the flags up again! They make me so happy, and I think they'll lift spirits for sure.Rachel Stowell
Thank you so much!!  It made my day to look out my window and see Old Glory!!Claudette Zimmer
Allen has done great so far implementing the policies to keep us healthy. Hopefully, Old Glory waving out in front will help all of us to make it through the weeks ahead, when hopefully we can begin steps to return to the old normal lifestyle.  Current club president, Patrick Garcia, said, “A faceless enemy’s invaded Allen, a life-taking threat that’s laid siege to daily liberties & commerce. Our flown American flags are rays of hope piercing pandemic dark clouds above customers’ homes, staked pennants of steadfast defiance that are our country’s unifying battle-standard fluttering in the breeze.”