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Mike Simpson
CEO Boys & Girls Club of Collin County

Rotarians and Guests,

It is our pleasure to welcome Mike Simpson, CEO of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Collin County.  

Come hear Mike share about this exceptional organization that provides a positive influence in every aspect of a child’s life.

Serving more than 9,300 kids in the community, there are still tens of thousands of Collin County kids that need our help. It is his goal is to make sure that every child that needs a place in a Boys and Girls Club has one. Accomplishing this goal is going to take extensive efforts, resources and collaboration from the entire community. And in the long run, it is the community that will benefit. Kids that participate in the Boys and Girls Clubs also contribute positively to their community.


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Bill Slicker


District Governor - District 5810

Bill Slicker joined the Rotary Club of Dallas, Texas, in 1999, having previously been a member of the Rotary Club of Roswell, Georgia, USA, since 1987.

Bill has served as club President of the Rotary Club of Dallas, Texas in 2007-2008 and Chair of the Dallas Rotary Club Foundation in 2008-2009. He has been a Permanent Fund advisor for the United States and Canada from 2003-2005 and District 5810 Foundation Chair for 2016-2017.

Bill has participated in several Rotary initiatives, including a 2014 National Immunization Day in India. He formed the William C. Slicker Endowed Fund in 2002.

Bill has been a community leader in charitable and philanthropic activities for over 40 years. He is Chairman & CEO of The Slicker Family Foundation. He is president of a business consulting company, assisting companies in improving their profitability. Bill is a member of Highland Park United Methodist
Church and his district’s first Arch Klumph Society member.

Bill is a world traveler having visited 75 countries. He has two wonderful children and two terrific grandchildren.

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The Enrollment Store
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Paula Harrington
Medicare and Healthcare Expert, Paula Harrington will be sharing her knowledge of the world of insurance, medicare and the affordable care act.
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We have a Club Assembly meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, 2018.  Our standing committees will meet and then report on their plans  and progress to the full club. This will be an excellent time for you to hear what work is being accomplished and find out where your help is needed. 
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Allen Sunrise Rotarians joined with other service-minded folks at Allen First United Methodist Church to 
pack meals for the Feed The Children charity.
Pictured above include Bruce and Cindy Heller, Chris and Jeanie (not pictured) Schulmeister, George Wells, John and Trudy Moser, Manita Lam and Mike Moran.
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